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Ion Channel is a data platform and service that allows organizations to risk-manage their software supply chain and increase the robustness and resilience of their software infrastructure.

We're currently hard at work developing capabilities and plan on publicly releasing various pieces of our tooling in the coming months.

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Jobs at Ion Channel

Back-end Developer (Portland, OR)

What you'll be doing

- Breathing life into product designs with clean and performant code and configuration
- Working on the back-end of our web applications using modern languages and frameworks with a strong focus on modularity and reusability
- Communicating with customers, partners and leadership to define use cases and stories
- Writing code, testing and delivering continuously
- Owning and developing our “style" which we share across products
- Helping define our technology roadmap and the future of products that drive the entire business
- Working with other members of the product team to plan and execute on projects from conception through to completion
- Helping innovate and improve our product, message, and delivery

What you bring

- At least 2 years of API development experience
- At least 5 years of back-end/server-side development and integration experience
- An excellent taste in design and an eye for detail
- Excellent knowledge of multiple languages (e.g. C, C++, Python, Ruby, Java, Javascript)
- Experience with unit, integration, and functional testing frameworks and principles
- Familiarity with package managers, build tools, and continuous integration environments
- Experience with git and Github, and git workflows
- Experience with database technologies - SQL/NoSQL, schema/schemaless, etc.
- Know of how to choose the right tool for the job, and eagerness to learn new skills
- Respect and passion for the “golden rule”
- U.S. citizen; Fluent spoken and written English

What we offer you

- An opportunity to be challenged and grow
- Fair compensation package to reflect your skills and experience
- Hardware and software you need to excel at your work
- Remote, but some times together working environment (smart colleagues included)
- Flexible working hours and location (anywhere with an Internet connection)
- Space to add your expertise without being rigid about the way things need to be done


We recognise that you may need further development in some areas and we encourage you to apply even if you have less experience of some of the requirements for the role. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical disability or length of time s pent unemployed.

If interested, send resume and cover letter to